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Tales of an emergency room nurse
Chromed Curses

A chaotic chain of gunfire.

In East New York early Sunday morning, five men were shot outside a banquet hall in a chaotic chain of gunfire that left one dead and another wounded by a police sergeant's bullet, police said.

It happened around 1 a.m. on Atlantic Avenue in East New York.

Police said the havoc began when one man, whose age wasn't known, shot three others, killing one, on Atlantic Avenue near the East New York neighborhood.

Then the gunman was shot himself by a second shooter who ran off with an accomplice, police said.

Two officers and a sergeant heard the gunfire and chased the second gunman, who was still armed, down Atlantic Avenue before the sergeant shot him while endeavoring to arrest him, police said.

A 21-year-old man, believed to be a shooter, was also shot in the leg as officers placed him under arrest.

Of the other wounded men, one, whose age wasn't known, was in critical condition with three gunshot wounds to the torso.

FDNY EMS Paramedics said the wounds to the other two, aged 20 and 17,appeared life-threatening.

Albany County EMS

County EMS Coordinator: Brian Wood

Regional EMS Council: Hudson Mohawk REMSCO

Regional EMS Program Agency: Regional Emergency Medical Organization (REMO)


Ambulance Services

Air Methods Corporation 405 Myrtle Avenue #206, Albany
Lifenet NY, Stat Flight

Altamont Fair Ambulance 129 Grand St., Altamont

Altamont Rescue Squad 767 Route 146, Altamont

Bethlehem Volunteer Ambulance Service 1121 Route 9W, Selkirk

Capital District Ambulance Service 89 West Street, Albany

Colonie Emergency Medical Services 312 Wolf Road, Colonie

Delmar Fire Department 145 Adams Street, Delmar

Five Quad Volunteer Ambulance 1400 Washington Ave Suite 116, Albany

General Electric Co Selkirk 1 Noryl Avenue Selkirk

Helderberg Ambulance Squad 978 Cole Hill Rd, East Berne

New York State Police Aviation 739 Albany Shaker Rd Albany Airport

Onesquethaw Volunteer Fire Company 2178 Tarrytown Rd, Clarksville

Physician's Ambulance Service 89 West Street Albany

Ravena Rescue Squad 1 Bruno Blvd Ravena

Rensselaerville Vol Ambulance 380 Fox Creek Rd Medusa

Voorheesville Area Ambulance Service 21 Voorheesville Avenue Voorheesville

Watervliet Arsenal Fire Department Building 22, Watervliet

Westerlo Rescue Squad 571 CR 401 Westerloo

Western Turnpike Rescue Squad 200 Centre Drive Albany

First Response Services

Advanced Life Support Albany County Eagle St. Rm 92 Albany

Albany International Airport Fire Department Albany Shaker Road Albany

Albany Department of Fire & Emerg Svcs 165 Henry Johnson Blvd Albany

Coeymans Hollow Volunteer Fire Corporation Coeymans Hollow 1290 SR143

Cohoes Fire Department Mohawk & Ontario Sts Cohoes

Fuller Road Fire Department 1342 Central Avenue Albany

Green Island Fire Department 7 Clinton Street Green Island

Guilderland Emergency Medical Service 5209 Western Turnpike Guilderland

Maplewood Fire Department 61 Cohoes Road Watervliet

Menands Volunteer Fire Company 1 250 Broadway Menands

New York State Police State Office Campus Bldg 22 Albany

New York Task Force 2 4240 Albany Street Albany

North Bethlehem Fire Department 589 Russell Road Albany

Pepsi Arena EMS 51 South Pearl Street Albany

Schuyler Heights Fire District 900 First Street Watervliet

Shaker Road Fire Department 550 Albany-Shaker Road Loudonville

Stanford Heights Fire Department 2240 Central Avenue Schenectady

NY Latham Fire Dept 226 Old Loudon Road Latham

Verdoy Fire Department 988 Troy Schenectady Road Latham

Watervliet Fire Department 116 13th Street Watervliet

Hitting kicking and biting

Among children of mothers with low education levels, those who receive regular care from other adults during preschool years may be less likely to have problems with physical aggression.

Hitting, kicking, biting and other forms of physical aggression are central features of a severe conduct disorder.These behaviors may be associated with social, physical and mental health problems.The origin of physical aggression problems can be traced back to early childhood, and studies have specifically shown that maternal characteristics, especially low levels of education, are among the best predictors of high physical aggression from early childhood to adolescence.

Sylvana M. Côté, Ph.D., of the University of Montreal, and colleagues studied 1,759 infants representative of all children born in Quebec in 1997 or 1998. Mothers were interviewed yearly from the time the children were age 5 months to 60 months, answering questions about family, parent and child characteristics and behaviors. This included details about non-maternal care services, provided to care for a child, usually while the mother is working. This may have involved center-based day care, family arrangements or other non-maternal care provided regularly during preschool years. Physical aggression levels were evaluated at 17, 30, 42, 54, and 60 months.

Of the 1,691 children who were followed for the whole study, 111 (6.6 percent) received no non-maternal care before preschool, 234 (13.8 percent) received some type of non-maternal care beginning before age 9 months and 1,346 (79.6 percent) received non-maternal care beginning at age 9 months or after. Children whose mothers had a low education level (i.e., did not have a high school diploma) were less likely to receive day care. However, children who did receive non-maternal care had lower levels of physical aggression, and the association was statistically significant among children who started day care before age 9 months.Children of mothers who graduated from high school were at lower risk of developing physical aggression problems, and non-maternal care had no additional effect on their behavior.In summary we provide robust evidence that the provision of non-maternal care services to children of mothers with low levels of education could substantially reduce their risk of chronic physical aggression, and that the protective impact is more important if children begin to receive these services before age 9 months," the authors conclude. "Because the children most likely to benefit from non-maternal care services are those less likely to receive them, universal programs involving the provision of non-maternal care should include special measures encouraging the use of non-maternal care services among high-risk families.

He was lucky to have NYC FDNY EMT's save his ass

A would-be robber remains hospitalized after a bodega owner fought him off with a machete in Woodhaven, Queens, Wednesday night.

It was hand-to-hand combat in an all-out, bloody brawl. We asked the store owner if he'd do anything differently. He said next time, he'd have two machetes.

"Whether it was to rob or to kill him, but then after he hit him with the machete, the robber said, 'Just call the cops, please just call the cops,'" Johann Marte said through his translator, Queens Assemblyman Jose Peralta.

Hiding his face for now, in case someone seeks revenge, the bodega owner justified reducing the robber to a bloody mess last night.
"He pulled his gun, I pulled my machete and we went to war," Marte said.

Marte, a father of four, said the alleged criminal walked in his Woodhaven corner store with guns blazing, then wound up begging him to call the police.

"He was aiming for the gun," Peralta said. "As soon as he saw the gun, he was aiming for the gun, and that's all he was aiming for. He started swinging away at the gun, and it was lucky for him he ended up hitting the hand.
Marte's machete slashed the gun-toting bandit's trigger finger off, along with part of his ear, in a battle witnesses believe the suspect deserved.

"He had to protect himself," one said. "You do what you can."

Local legislators warn store owners not to fight violence with violence. They're pushing for bodega safety measures, like panic buttons, connected to local precincts.

"He was very lucky to endure what he did, but we want to teach bodega owners not to do what he did," Peralta said. "Because unfortunately, nine times out of 10, they will end up dead."

Still, an eye-for-an-eye, says Marte, who was fired at four times before his machete beat the bullets.
"I came here to work, to work hard, and I work hard everyday," Marte said through Peralta. "And I had to defend myself, and that's what I did.

The store has been robbed three times in the past, and it seems the Queens district attorney will treat this as self-defense and not charge Marte with anything. The robber-turned-victim is still recovering. He faces a number of charges.He was lucky to have NYC FDNY EMT's save his ass

I will be listing all the EMS services located in N.Y state.I started in the county of Monroe

County EMS Coordinator: Tim Czapranski

(585) 753-3760 (Office)
(585) 753-3781 (Fax)
E-mail: tczapranski@monroecounty.gov
Regional EMS Council: Monroe-Livingston REMSCO
Regional EMS Program Agency: Monroe-Livingston REMSCO

Barnard Fire Department---3084 Dewey Avenue, Rochester

Beacon Transportation, Inc
Rural/Metro Medical Services 177 University Avenue, Rochester

Brighton Volunteer Ambulance 1551 South Winton Road, Rochester

Brockport Fire Department Ambulance Corps 38 Market Street, Brockport

Chili Fire Department 3231 Chili Avenue, Rochester

Churchville Volunteer Fire Department 25 East Buffalo Street, Churchville

East Rochester Volunteer Ambulance Corps 254 West Ivy Street, East Rochester

Gates Volunteer Ambulance Service 1600 Buffalo Road, Rochester

Greece Volunteer Ambulance Service 867 Long Pond Road, Greece

Hamlin Volunteer Ambulance Corps 1483 Lake Road,Hamlin

Henrietta Volunteer Ambulance Service 280 Calkins Road, Rochester

Hilton Fire Department 135 South- Avenue, Hilton

Honeoye Falls Ambulance 210 East Street, Honeoye Falls

Irondequoit Volunteer Ambulance 2330 Norton Street, Rochester

Kodak Park Emergency Medical Service 1669 Lake Ave B-8, Rochester

Monroe Medi-Trans Ambulance 1669 Lyell Avenue, Rochester

National Ambulance & Oxygen Svc Rural/Metro Medical Services
177 University Avenue, Rochester

Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance Service 1585 Jackson Road,Penfield

Perinton Volunteer Ambulance Corps 1400 Turk Hill Road, Fairport

Pittsford Volunteer Ambulance Service 40 Tobey Road, Pittsford

Point Pleasant Fire District 55 Ewer Avenue, Rochester

Rochester Institue of Technology Ambulance 117 Lomb Memorial Drive,Rochester

Rush Fire Department 1971 Rush-Mendon Road, Rush

Scottsville Volunteer Fire Department 385 Scottsville-Munford Road, Scottsville

Sea Breeze Volunteer Fire Association 4657 Culver Road, Rochester

Spencerport Volunteer Ambulance Service 116 Lyell Avenue, Spencerport

St. Paul Boulevard Fire Association 433 Cooper Road, Rochester


Non-Transporting First Response Services

Barnard Fire District 3084 Dewey Avenue, Rochester

Brighton Fire District 3100 East Avenue, Rochester

Bushnell's Basin Fire Association 683 Pittsford_Victor Rd, Pittsford

Egypt Fire Department 7478 Pittsford-Palmyra Road, Fairport

Fairport Fire Department PO Box 66124, Fairport

Gates Fire District 2355 Chili Avenue, Rochester

Gates Volunteer Ambulance ALSFR 1600 Buffalo Road, Rochester

Greater Rochester International Airport Fire Dept 600 Airport Way, Rochester

Greece Lakeshore Fire Department 545 Ling Road, Rochester

Hamlin Fire Department 1503 Lake Road,Hamlin

Henrietta Fire District 850 Bailey Road,West Henrietta

Honeoye Falls Fire Department PO Box 332,Honeoye Falls

Irondequoit Volunteer Ambulance Service ALSFR 2330 Norton Street,Rochester

Laurelton Fire District 405 Empire Boulevard, Rochester

Marine Fire Department PO Box 12792, Rochester

Mendon Fire District 101 Mendon Ionia Road, Mendon

Monroe County Sheriff Dept Marine Unit 130 South Plymouth Ave,Rochester

Monroe Medi Trans Monroe Ambulance- ALSFR 318 Smith Street, Rochester

Morton Volunteer Fire Company PO Box 129, Morton

Mumford Fire Department 1013 Main Street, Mumford

North Greece Fire Department 1766 Latta Road, Rochester

Northeast Quadrant ALS 945 Publishers Parkway, Webster

Penfield Fire Company 1838 Penfield Road, Penfield

Pittsford Fire District 8 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford

Ridge Road Fire District 1299 Long Pond Road, Rochester

Ridge-Culver Fire Department 2960 Culver Road, Rochester

Rochester Fire Department EMS Office 1190 Scottsville Road,Rochester

South East Quadrant Mobile Critical Care Unit 210 Turk Hill Road,Fairport

Spencerport Volunteer Fire Department 175 Lyell Avenue, Spencerport

University of Rochester Emergency Squad Merrill,Wilson Commons,Rochester

Walker Fire Department 1420 Walker-Lake Ontario Road, Hamlin

Webster Volunteer Fire Department 35 South Ave., Webster

West Brighton Fire Department 2695 West Henrietta Road, Rochester

An ongoing landlord-tenant dispute took a violent turn in Brooklyn Tuesday.
Two people were treated for burns after being splashed with a chemical in the Bath Beach section.

This confrontation unfolded in the first floor of the building on Bay 16th Street. Police and witnesses say an irate knife-wielding tenant left his apartment and headed to the super's apartment. The tenant's girlfriend reportedly followed him, begging him to calm down.

Coincidentally, the super was leaving his apartment to unclog a sink at another unit when he was confronted.

Both the tenant and his girlfriend were burned. Authorities say the fire department had to cut their clothes off of them on the street. They were treated by NYC EMS and taken to Staten Island University Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Both the tenant and the super are facing charges.

Ambulance Committee Meeting

Host : The Regional EMS Council of New York City
Address 1 : 475 Riverside Drive
Address 2 : Orthodox Room
City, State, Zip : New York New York 10115

Date Information:
Date : 11/27/2007
Time : 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Contact Information:
Organization: The Regional EMS Council of New York City
Name: Michelle S. Klemm
Phone Number : 212-870-2301