Look at live cameras in Manhattan

Instead of cops on the beat, wireless video cameras peer down from lamp posts about 30 feet above the sidewalk.

They were the first installment of a program to place 500 cameras throughout the city at a cost of $9 million. Hundreds of additional cameras could follow if the city receives $81.5 million in federal grants it has requested to safeguard Lower Manhattan and parts of midtown with a surveillance "ring of steel" modeled after security measures in London's financial district.

The city already has about 1,000 cameras in the subways, with 2,100 scheduled to be in place by 2008. An additional 3,100 cameras monitor city housing projects.


South Bronx NYPD Shooting

NYPD officers say they were forced to shoot an armed man when he turned his weapon on them overnight in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx.

The latest shooting came after plainclothes officers noticed the 19-year-old man and his gun early Saturday in the South Bronx, according to police. After a short chase, one of the officers fired at him.

Police said the man was hit once in the leg and was in stable condition at a local hospital. Officers said they collected a .380-caliber gun at the scene.

A police officer was taken to Bronxs-Lebanon hospital with a hand injury, but the officer wasn't shot, police said. The officer was treated for his injuries by NYC paramedics he was listed in stable condition.

The shooting came nearly 24 hours after officers shot a 45-year-old man in the northern Bronx early Friday. Police said he threatened officers with a kitchen knife during a traffic stop of a stolen car.

That man, also hit in the leg was treated for his injuries by NYC paramedics.He was transported to the hospital in stable condition and under arrest on charges including attempted murder and attempted assault.

Your kids will hate you!

For better or worse, baby boomers approach retirement with more complex marital histories than previous generations.Temple University researcher Adam Davey, Ph.D. has found the impact of these events -- divorces, widowhood, and remarriage -- can predict if a child will provide more involved care in the future.

A divorce may have happened over 30 years ago, but the changes it caused can have a long lasting effect for the child into adulthood.More specifically, divorce predicted an adult child would be less of involved with day-to-day assistance later in life for the aging parent. These activities include the child helping the parent maintain chores in the home.

"It's not the divorce itself that affects the quality of the parent-child relationship, but it's what happens afterwards such as geographical separation," said Davey, a gerontologist who studies trends in the baby boomer generation and other aging issues.

Davey analyzed data from 2,087 parents, aged 50 and older, who reported on their 7,019 adult children in the National Survey of Family and Households. Information was collected between 1987 and 1994.

"Marital transitions affect families in a number of ways," Davey said. "They can interrupt the relationship of support between a parent and child, and the evidence suggests that the continuity of support by parents and to parents matters.The study also found marital disruptions earlier in a child's life can be less detrimental to the relationship than those, which occurred in adulthood. This also means children in the same family can be affected differently by the same event, Davey said.

The results suggest that both the type of transition and when in a child's life it occurs are important. A father's remarriage early in a child's life makes it more likely that the child will provide help later in life, but the same transition when the child is an adult reduces the chances of a child helping the father.

There is also evidence that the more a child's life was spent with a divorced mother, the higher the chances that child will provide assistance when the mother is older, Davey said.

One surprising finding was that both mothers and fathers are only half as likely to get support from a non-biological child. This has important implications for those who reach old age anticipating help from step-children.

"Society does not yet have a clear set of expectations for step-children's responsibility," Davey said.

Despite the findings, this does not mean these potential effects damage the parent-child relationship as a whole, Davey said.

While marital transitions don't seem to cause irreparable damage to the support that children provide to parents in later life, they do disrupt the needs and resources of both generations. Each child in the family can experience the same event differently in ways that can still be seen when the parents reach old age, he said.

Given how common marital transitions have become, and how complex families have become as a result, it's surprising that the effects aren't even more pronounced.

Hillary Clinton the ass wipe.


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Senator announced a sweeping health care reform plan on Monday in Iowa a plan aimed at ensuring coverage for all Americans......Link

Central Park Horses got spooked and ran wild.

The peacefulness of a late summer Friday night in Central Park was shattered when horses got spooked and ran wild in front of tourists and through the streets.

Police say two horses went out of control and one of them was killed.

About six protestors heckled the operators of horse drawn carriages as they passed by. On Friday night, this Central Park mainstay was the target of animal rights activists who say the accident should not have happened.

"Horses shouldn't be in traffic ... this is a two thousand pound horse probably," said protestor Elizabeth Forel.

Witnesses say someone beating a drum spooked a horse shortly around 4:40 p.m. The horse began to gallop east on Central Park South. The 12-year-old Gelding -- named Smoothie -- was hooked up to an unattended carriage at the time.

"I saw the horse running ... in full gallop," said eyewitness Chubby Seeberan.

Near the corner of 6th Avenue and Central Park South, the horse hit a tree and another horse was startled by the commotion.

"The other horse jumped across the carriage and landed on this man's Mercedes," said eyewitness Roger Watkins.

The 12-year-old Gelding died at the scene.

Members of the coalition to ban horse drawn carriages hope the accident serves as a wake up call.

In 2006, a horse pulling a Central Park carriage to a stable on the far West Side became spooked in traffic and galloped down a busy street until it collided with a car. The carriage driver was injured, and the horse had to be euthanized.

Check out subwayblogger.com He talked to a guy who witnessed the whole thing.


Even after six years......I still hurt.

Stabbing death of a pregnant woman.

Suffolk County Police arrested a North Bay Shore woman for the stabbing death of a 26-year-old pregnant woman.

Barbara Santos and Shantelle Scruggs both reside at Project ReDirect, a homeless shelter, located at 16 Pine Aire Drive,North Bay Shore. Both women are eight months pregnant and live in the home with 20 people.

Police say Scruggs confronted Santos in a bedroom of another resident, Friday and stabbed her in the chest.

The project manager called 911.NYC Paramedics transported Santos to Southside Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Attempts to save Santos' unborn baby were unsuccessful.

Homicide Squad detectives charged Scruggs, 21, with Manslaughter.

Baby living in a shoe box.

A mother in Brooklyn is under arrest this morning after police removed her 4-day-old baby from a filthy apartment. Authorities found the baby living in a shoe box.
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The little baby girl spent the first four days of her life living in that shoe box. She was surrounded by roaches, drugs and guns. The question everyone is asking this morning is, where was ACS?

According to cops, police showed up at 109 Marcus Garvey Boulevard in Bed-Stuy to apartment B-11, looking for an alleged gang member and convicted felon. When they got to the apartment, they found and arrested the suspect identified as 22-year-old Tarik Vaughn. But what they found after that, was way beyond their expectations.

A 4-day-old baby girl was alive inside a Timberland shoe box. The 19-year-old mother, Genilla Vaughn taken into custody and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

A 15-year-old was also living in the apartment too. Police believe the Vaughns are brother and sister. Both the baby girl and the 15-year-old child are in the custody of ACS.

According to reports this family did have a prior relationship with ACS. So today, many are wondering why was the 4-day-old baby girl allowed to come home from the hospital?

West Indian Day Parade marred by tragedy!

Police say a 26-year-old man was shot twice in the left leg in an incident at Troy Avenue and Eastern Parkway in he was taken to Brooklyn Hospital by FDNY EMS.Crown Heights just after 4 p.m.

Police say two suspects are now in custody.

The violence comes in the wake of the West Indian Day Parade's 40th Anniversary celebration this year.

In previous years, the event has been marred by tragedy. In 1999, two children died when they were pinned between floats, and hours later a man was run over by a float and killed. In 2005, a man was shot to death.

Last year, police had two reports of violence: a man shot in the leg and another person stabbed.

The Brooklyn parade follows a path down Eastern Parkway starting in the Crown Heights section. It is the final event in several days of festivities put together by the West Indian-American Day Carnival Association. It is one of the largest parades in the city, and it usually runs for several hours.