Before touching any patient who has been subdued using a Taser, insure that the police officer has disconnected the wires from the handheld unit.
1. Place one hand on the area where the probe is embedded and stabilize the skin surrounding the puncture site.
2. Place second hand firmly around the probe.
3. In one fluid motion, pull the probe straight out from the puncture site.
4. Repeat procedure for second probe.
5. Cleanse puncture sites and bandage as appropriate.
6. Suggest patient be evaluated within 48 hours by MD.
7. If no tetanus within 5 years, advise patient to obtain tetanus within 48 hours.
• When a probe is embedded in a potentially vulnerable region (ie face, neck, groin or female breast) do not remove. • If potential for complications exist, contact on-line medical control or transport to appropriate hospital.