FDNY EMT Salary Information 2008

Starting Salary $27,295
After 1 Year $28,840
After 2 Years $29,355
After 3 Years $33,990
After 5 Years $39,179
Work hours 50+ hours

FDNY can mandate you to stay
2 extra hours every shift.


Dave said...

Absolutely unacceptable. Garbagemen make $67,141 after 5 1/2 years. EMT and Firemen need a nice pay raise.

Rogue Medic said...

Clearly Mayor Bloomberg has not been good for all of NYC. Unfortunately, it is not likely to be much different for EMS with any other mayor.

JS said...

The story is the same in Detroit, but they can only hold us over for 1 hour! JS

frenchie said...

tho they have the crappy pay right.. but that 2hour stuff is a lie... its 6hours... u think the city would take care of us, with all the money we bring in, but NO!! with the pay so bad u would think that would be the tough part, but no, once ur in fdny the way ur treated by ur own bosses are pretty sad.. fdny ems gets the shit end of the stick on both sides... why do i stay, cuz i love what i do..