Former EMT Arrested For Posting Crime Scene Photo Online
The family of a Staten Island woman killed earlier this year is suing Facebook over photos posted from the crime scene.
The victim's mother, Martha Wimmer, wants Facebook to enact a better screening process for photos. She also says she doesn't want her daughter to be remembered for the photos.

Former EMT Mark Musarella is accused of taking a cell phone picture of the victim's body and posting it on his Facebook page. He was fired after the incident and pleaded not guilty to charges of official misconduct.

"This EMS had no right to take a picture of my daughter being strangled and put it on the Internet for all the morons to look at," said Wimmer.

"It was the tears of Marty on the day we met that made me be stupid enough to be involved in this case because you have to be stupid to take on a cause."

A spokeswoman for Facebook could not comment on pending litigation, but said it has always been their policy to remove such photos as soon as they are reported.

Musarella, a retired NYPD detective, was fired from his job at Richmond University Medical Center. He faces up to a year in prison.

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