EMT Who Allegedly Ignored Dying Pregnant Woman Faces Criminal ChargesAn emergency medical technician who is accused of not aiding a pregnant woman who died inside a Brooklyn Au Bon Pain restaurant last year was arraigned Tuesday on charges stemming from the incident.

Melissa Jackson, 23, turned herself in to authorities this morning and was charged with official misconduct. She faces up to two years behind bars.

Another EMT involved in the incident, Jason Green, was shot and killed in an unrelated incident in July.

Witnesses say Jackson and Green, who were off-duty, refused to step in as Eutisha Rennix, 25, was dying of an asthma attack.

Jackson's lawyer maintains his client did nothing wrong and actually called the 911 dispatcher directly.

Both Rennix and her unborn child died at the hospital.


Anonymous said...

"Not my job" was the wrong choice. Did this pair ever offer an explanation? If they called 911, why did it take so long for someone to arrive?

Bob said...

They didnt have to help. They couldnt help anyway, they were dispatchers from upstairs who snuck out to buy food. they had no BSI, they had no Ambulance, they had no Albuterol, what do people expect ? calling 911 was all they could do.