John Peruggia the jackass gets fired

The chief of the Fire Department of New York's Emergency Medical Service Command has been replaced amid investigations into the city's response to a blizzard that stranded ambulances and created a backlog of more than 1,000 emergency calls.Abdo Nahmod, who has been overseeing the department's Emergency Medical Dispatch, will take over the post from John Peruggia, who held the top job for six years


the stringman said...

Oh, surrrre. It's the Chief's fault that the City wasn't plowed out after the biggest blizzard since 1978!!! Never mind the fact the it was that horse's ass in Gracie Mansion who fired or let go enough Sanitation workers that he's completely crippled the City!! But Hey! Here's a thought; let's blame EMS. After all, ya can't have a mess without an E, an M and an S. We'll blame someone other than Mikey Boy!!

Anonymous said...

I agree 110 percent. How in the hell is it EMS' fault? Yeah, because it's EMS vehicles that have plows on the front, right? Who's the real jackass? I assure you, it's not Chief Peruggia. A real stand-up guy, Peruggia is.