A 6-year-old boy's wish is coming true, thanks to some New York City first responders. Nathan Norman of Rustburg, Virginia, is battling spinal and brain cancer. Through the American Cancer Society, Frank Chiaramonte found out Nathan wanted Christmas cards from emergency workers. Chiaramonte, a cancer survivor himself, coordinated an effort to gather as much memorabilia from emergency workers as he could. He and his cousin are driving it down to Virginia for Nathan. "Once I beat cancer, I wanted to give back and help everybody that has cancer, from when they're first born to when they're 90," Chiaramonte said. "We want this kid to push forward and fight this and keep going as long as he could, and with our support, and things like this, it means a lot," said Joseph Scarpinito, a paramedic and a cancer survivor. Paramedics, firefighters and police officers donated items like patches, hats, uniforms and emergency gear.

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