New York's Bravest on Wednesday honored the memory of 10 members lost in the line of duty.
A ceremony was held at the Firefighter's Memorial in Riverside Park. Three wreaths were placed in front of the monument: One for the firefighters, one for EMTs and one for the department as a whole. The crowd stood in silence as the names of the 10 firefighters who perished this past year, were read out loud. The fire commissioner says the memorial is special because it was a gift from the people. "This memorial behind us stands as a testament to the memory of so many of our members,' said Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano. "Even as our hearts are once again heavy with sorrow as we remember their passing, and those that we honor, were also filled with pride as we recall their unflinching readiness to put themselves in harms way," said Mayor Michael Bloomberg. This year's memorial honored seven EMTs, one firefighter, a fire marshal, and a paramedic.

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