Deadly stabbing at Strata

An argument sparked a deadly stabbing at a sprawling downtown Manhattan nightclub early Saturday, police said.

The victim, a 25-year-old man, was wounded in the torso shortly before 3 a.m. at Strata, a multilevel dance club and restaurant in the Flatiron district. Police said the stabbing followed a dispute, but other details weren't known.

Police had taken one person in for questioning early Saturday, but it wasn't clear whether the person was a witness or a suspect.

The victim died shortly after being taken to St. Vincent's Hospitalby St. Vincent paramedics. His name wasn't released because police hadn't contacted his family.

The deadly stabbing came amid heightened attention to nightclub safety in New York, and less than six months after the City Council passed a measure requiring security cameras at nightclub doors.

The city trained a spotlight on club security after a woman was abducted, raped and killed in February 2006 after a night out at a SoHo bar. An unlicensed bouncer at the bar was charged in her death.

This February, a shoving match at another Chelsea club sent one patron tumbling down an elevator shaft to his death. Another clubgoer was initially charged with criminally negligent homicide, but the charges were dropped.

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