FDNY EMT's rushed NYPD officer to Bellevue Medical Center

A police officer investigating a stolen car was smacked to the ground by a hit-and-run driver in the Williamsburg Brooklyn.

The officer, a 10-year-veteran assigned to the 90th Precinct, was hit near the intersection of South 11th Street and Kent Avenue just before midnight.

This all happened when he was checking vehicles with his partner when he was hit by a Honda, traveling at the a high rate of speed.

"We heard a car screech," said Devon McCutcheon, who reported the stolen car. "There was a huge smash. A huge sound, he was going so fast."

Police say the injured officer sustained a head injury when he was knocked to the ground. He was found clinging to the rear of his vehicle, spitting up blood.

"He was holding his head. He was really traumatized," McCutcheon said.

The officer was rushed to Bellevue Medical Center by NYC FDNY EMT's, where he was listed in stable condition.

The striking vehicle, described by witnesseses as a silver Honda Odyssey, sped off. The Honda's sideview mirror was recovered on the street by the large number of police officers who responded to the scene.
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Anonymous said...

When they find the driver they should be strung up by their short hairs to say the least.