Baby living in a shoe box.

A mother in Brooklyn is under arrest this morning after police removed her 4-day-old baby from a filthy apartment. Authorities found the baby living in a shoe box.
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The little baby girl spent the first four days of her life living in that shoe box. She was surrounded by roaches, drugs and guns. The question everyone is asking this morning is, where was ACS?

According to cops, police showed up at 109 Marcus Garvey Boulevard in Bed-Stuy to apartment B-11, looking for an alleged gang member and convicted felon. When they got to the apartment, they found and arrested the suspect identified as 22-year-old Tarik Vaughn. But what they found after that, was way beyond their expectations.

A 4-day-old baby girl was alive inside a Timberland shoe box. The 19-year-old mother, Genilla Vaughn taken into custody and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

A 15-year-old was also living in the apartment too. Police believe the Vaughns are brother and sister. Both the baby girl and the 15-year-old child are in the custody of ACS.

According to reports this family did have a prior relationship with ACS. So today, many are wondering why was the 4-day-old baby girl allowed to come home from the hospital?


WendyT said...

In the city of Calgary, Alberta Canada, we had something simiular to this. A young asian woman had 2 children, she wanted to have a good time and to party, so she left the 2 children alone. One child was 15 months old and the other was 1 month old. She made sure the 15 month old has 3 bottles of drink and the other baby was sleeping and would be ok, so she thought. She got into a heavy crowd with drugs and alcohol and didnt come home for 7 days, at which the infant was dead from starvation and dehydration and the 15 month old I guess as neighbor's call it he cried on end for days, till he stopped. When she arrived home, she took the dead infant and from what she told the cops, she threw the baby into the bow river and she left the older child that was dead right where he was last seen, in his crib.

The neighbors called landlord to say there was a foul stench coming from the apartment and when the landlord made the grissley discovery, the police were called.

The woman was arrested and charged with abandoning her kids, to go out and enjoy herself. Also she was asked of the were abouts of her daughter (infant) and she first said the garbage can, later to say the bow river.

Jeff said...

on sunday the 8th please remember EMSS1 Larry Marx, Larry is gone 3 years, but will never be forgotten.
Take a moment and call a friend, check on them.....