Bloomberg Defends FDNY Cuts, Says "People Are Afraid Of Change
Mayor Bloomberg defended his proposal to save $55 million by closing 20 engine and ladder companies in the five boroughs. On his weekly radio address today, Bloomberg said response times and fire deaths are at a new low, and New Yorkers are only protesting because "people are afraid of change."

The Mayor added "firefighting has changed over the last century," and "a lot of this gets ginned up by people pandering to small constituencies." When asked who is responsible for the funding shortfall, Bloomberg said "Albany is the one that cut all our money." What do you say?

What's your reaction to Mayor Bloomberg defending his plan to close fire companies? Given the improvement in fire safety statistics, do you trust the decision won't jeopardize lives? Are you pointing the finger of blame at Albany or City Hall?


Matt@24HourEmergency said...

Wow, just found your site. Thanks for sharing such candid and dramatic information.

sam said...

I think he is correct and too many city waste and having the FDNY is great when there were many fires and now EMS is important in saving lives and if my house is on fire and I am out of it, let it burn.

the stringman said...

Bloomberg is a horse's ass, and he dabbles in things he knows NOTHING about. Like governing a city. Closing the Fire Department? Is he NUTS or something? Sam, I haveta tell ya; you're as daffy as "mare mike" is if you think that it's okay to close down that many FDNY houses/units. These companies NEED the coverage that other brother companies give them, so the Firemen responding to a working blaze do not lose their lives "for want of a nail". These people who are now no longer defending the very lives of all New Yorkers have only a narcissistic jerk who wants to show off the "control" he has ov er all the many thousands of hard-working City employees