FDNY EMT David Taranto charged with third-degree sexual abuse

An FDNY EMT fondled a female car crash victim and tried to insinuate himself into a romance with her in the days following the wreck, police allege.

Police say David Taranto, 31, of the 200 block of Kiswick Street in Midland Beach, took liberties with a middle-aged female who had gotten into a crash on West Cedarview Avenue and Kensico Street in Richmond on May 16.

The woman was shaken up in the crash, and once she was in an ambulance, Taranto took his stethoscope, placed it underneath her shirt, and cupped her breast in his hand, according to a law enforcement source familiar with the case.

He told her she had a "beautiful body," the source said, and accompanied her to the hospital, staying with her for three hours.

At one point, the source said, he took her cell phone and called his own number with it. Over the next few days, he called her and sent her texts, inviting her to his house, the source said. She told him that she was uncomfortable with the contact, and contacted authorities, the source said.

Police arrested Taranto yesterday afternoon, charging him with a single count of third-degree sexual abuse, a misdemeanor, said Peter N. Spencer, a spokesman for District Attorney Daniel Donovan.
FDNY spokesman Steve Ritea said Taranto, who’s a seven-year EMT veteran assigned to Staten Island, has been suspended without pay for 30 days following the arrest.


ajlounyinjurylaw said...

He took liberties a person in his position should never take. He is there to protect and help victims, not abuse them.

Anonymous said...

Its people like him that gives the Fdny ems command a bad name.

Anonymous said...

It guy doesn't deserve to be a emt in the fdny!!! There are plenty of ppl on the waiting list.

Anonymous said...

Wow, who ever made this website is a real ems hater. Dont get me wrong this guy is a scum bag and should be put in jail, but if you look at all these headlines there all mostly negative stuff about ems. Obviously the person who made this website has a grudge against ems for whatever reason and is trying to give them a bad name. Ems does a lot of good things to you know like, i dont know save peoples lives. Is that not good enough for you savages? Ems saves thousands of people lives every year and theres not one headline here about ems helping or saving someone. If you let this website brain wash you then your a fool.

Anonymous said...

In the months prior to 9-11 if you remember, their was a string of bad press about the fire dept. Drunk firemen driving into people on the way TO work, food runs where a fire truck collided with a civilian etc... The FDNY always works to discredit the EMS (they never wanted them to be a part of FDNY)

Anonymous said...

The FDNY acts like sept. 11 was an attack solely on firemen. Hey 300 firemen dead is bad of course, but next to 3000 citizens its 1% I keep seeing "we will never forget" when it comes to firemen and 9 11, but I don't see it with respect to the average people against whom the attack truly was launched.

Anonymous said...

lol american maths you got to love it :) 300 of 3000 is actually 10%...

i would assume the reason you also see more comments about never forgetting the fdny lost is because they are a small but motivated group of individuals who lost a large number of friends...

in comparison even though more "citizens" of ny died they have no a single thread that unites them all and very few people will have known for instance 10-15 people who died unlike many firefighters.

Obviously there will be some but they number far less than a municipal organisation such as the FDNY.

So in short pull your head out your ass, learn some maths and educate yourself douchebag

Godson said...

Absolute disgrace to the EMT world. He should have not done this under any circumstances. May be he needs to take EMT certification once again to learn how to treat patients.

Anonymous said...

This person I heard is now in Coney Island Station 43.

MOS at that station should refuse to ride with him. Patients should refuse to be treated by him.

This is unacceptable.

They could not prove the sexual abuse but they did prove he called her on her personal phone from his own personal phoen for no official reason.

This fucking loser is a cancer on NYC EMS.

Do not call the patients. Sign up for match.com to get a date.

Anonymous said...

Most of those FDNY never dreamed that they towers would fall. Once they found out they were going down they ran out of there like the Road Runner Jumping over the civilians they love to make fun of. I know because I had a Father in Law and a Brother In Law that were both part of New York's Bravest and they were and are 2 of the biggest scumbags you would never want to meet. A lot of other people died on that day and they were just as brave as any FDNY dude.

Anonymous said...

Oh man you people arej ust full of hatred! Yeah what this guy is ACCUSED....of doing is condemnable by any means. One never knows what really am happened. If it were true do you really am believe a simpleton. 1 month course set at an eighth. Grade reading level would correct his social impropriety. Man its just like shifting predatory priest from one preschool to another in hopes of losing the shame.
Now as for 911 God bless all that perished. WE were all there to do a job and stuck out our necks. It was unfortunate. That any rescuers were killed. Sadly FDNY's politically funded Public Relations like usual bought out the Press again to take the singular role of Heroes of the Occasion. To bad society has not opened there eyes to the true do agenda.
Tax payer pays $100,000,000 a year to FDNY(only towards there Public Relations) so they can tell

us how great they are. LOL. TO THINK FDNY wants us to believe they are busier than ever because they are sent Emergency . Medical calls before ems units to show how much faster. They get to jobs where they stand around the patient doing the circle of death till EMS arrives. Not for nothing but FDNY Tackles about 5000 FIRE calls afor year with about (and I am guessing here 4000 fire suppressors waiting every. Eight hours for a call to do anything they can possibly log. It is a BS numbers game. Played in man hours. Somebody get a Fire Commissioner that can count. Sending 150 men to every bogus dumpster fire does not validate your exorbitant waste of resources. I think you need could learn from EMS that responds to 1.5MILLION JOBS/YEAR. With less than one quarter. Of the working staff. COMMISSIONER you have proven to me by your number game that what we need is more Emergency medical units and less Fire Toys. Be fair and give up those redundant resources and let our Public Schools have some of that $2Billion fund you just spend so well.
Or help put units where they belong. Heck isn't it cheaper. To put out more ambulances that can work and run 24n hrs than nonproductive Fire Men that sleep the night away or require 15 of them to roll and store a hose. The Citizens have eyes and know the truth.
God forbid the truth about your departments other agendas ever be known about 911. CENTURY 21 sends their regards!